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The layering effect.
What is it and why should I do it?

When Manmade was in its conceptual stage of the business plan we always knew that layering was going to be an important feature of our anti-aging skin care range. Age Camouflage is Manmade's sophisticated anti-aging range and offers two first class products designed to work systematically for amazing anti-aging results. The layering effect is a process that involves the application of one product to the skin,
usually a water based serum and then applying another product over the top soon after. In some cases even a third layer may be added if heavy sun exposure is predicted.
The second layer will usually have an oil or silicon as a primary ingredient or a derivative of these ingredients.
Whether it be layering serums and moisturisers, serums and sun protection, moisturisers and sun protection, layering is all about.... well, layers.

The first layer is usually a water based product like a serum or a light moisturiser. This layer is all about delivering important ingredients to the skin like vitamins, peptides and other important ingredients necessary for skin health, hydration and anti-aging effects. It is important to apply the first layer to clean dry skin to give the active ingredients the best chance to penetrate the skin.
A good serum should include skin penetrating ingredients to assist the important payload to penetrate deep into the dermis where they will be most effectively used by young regenerating skin cells.

The second layer is usually has an oil or silicon as a primary ingredient. Some people these days are opting for a pure oil or oil blend as a second layer for added nutrition and protection. The second layer is there to also add additional vitamins to your skin care routine but primarily to create a very important barrier, the skin protection barrier. The skin protection barrier has two very important roles. The first role is to prevent moisture loss from the skin. This happens throughout the day and is exacerbated when exposed to environments controlled by air conditioning and heating. Office workers and flight attendants and especially those on long haul flights are most prone. Preventing moisture loss is vitally important to maintain healthy hydrated skin. The second role of the barrier is to protect the skin from external dangers like bacteria, pollution and sun damage. When pollutants and bacteria are left on our skin uncontrolled for too long they become toxic and start to degrade the integrity and condition of the skin leading to premature aging. This is why regular cleansing with a gentle or soap free cleanser is key to maintaining healthy skin. The second layer should be rich in anti-oxidants which play a hugely important role in skin health and anti-aging. Anti-oxidants protect our skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, (also see our article on anti-oxidants) caused by the constant attack from our environment. Sun exposure, pollutants and even bad diets all create free radicals and cause havoc on our skin. Antioxidants not only have the ability to protect our skin but to also repair our skin. They also help in the regeneration process of healthy new skin cells.

So as you can see Layering is a new way of looking at skin care. It's important if you want optimum results from your skin care routine. At Manmade we have two ant-aging products that are designed for layering. Age Camouflage Nutrient Day Serum designed for use in the morning or as a first layer and Age Camouflage Night shift designed to be worn at night or as a second layer if sun exposure is minimal or none. We're also currently in the labs working on some exciting new products due out soon. A potent anti-aging serum for the first layer and a super anti-oxidant face oil specifically designed for layer two. We're also working on an all natural moisturiser with an SPF 15 rating, perfect for use during the winter months when sun exposure is somewhat less than in the summer months. We will keep you posted about these products as they develop.

Craig Mackley
​Manmade Skin Science., June 2017


Why are anti-oxidants important in skin care.​​

To explain why anti-oxidants are so important in skincare we must first talk about free radicals. Free radicals are little crazed atoms that reck havoc on our bodies by trying to destroy our health and good looks. Free radicals are produced when an atom, which are the building blocks of life, looses one of its electrons. This is a natural process that occurs everyday in our bodies, however it can be sped up by an assortment of lifestyle choices and circumstances such as pollution, UV exposure, excess alcohol consumption and bad diets to name just a few. So back to the hysterical atom running around our body looking for a new electron to acquire. Its this attack on our healthy skin cells and healthy organ cells that leads to them become damaged and broken down. Its now that we can talk about anti-oxidants. Think of anti-oxidants as awesome kamikaze's. They come from the food we eat and the lotions and potions we use on our skin. They then set out on a mission to seek out the free radicals and destroy them. They do this by donating their protons to the free radical leaving your health and good looks in good working order. Anti-oxidants are believed to be able to penetrate deep into the skin where they can be of real benefit. They are also very helpful on the skins surface where they help combat the damaging effects of the sun, and pollution. The sun speeds up the count of free radicals on the surface of our skin causing us to age far quicker than normal. We are left with wrinkles, sunspots, blemishes, damaged and dry dull skin. So we should regard anti-oxidants as our hero's, and vital to those of us that want to look after their appearance. One of the best anti-oxidants in skin care is the super Co enzyme Q10. There's also vitamins A, C and E which are very important in skin care and anti-aging. Kakadu plum and Green tea both contain large amounts of these vitamins and many other anti-oxidants also. So eat them, lather them on and make anti-oxidants an important inclusion in your diet and skincare regime.

Craig Mackley,
Manmade Skin Science. February 2017

  1. Do you use palm oil? and if so where does it come from?
    Whilst we don't use palm oil directly in our products, many many ingredients we use in the skin care industry do in fact come from palm oil. Please see our position on palm oil and the responsible and ethical farming of it in the drop down menu above. The palm tree is a fantastic plant which is actually able to produce a lot more oil than than any other plant based stock in the world. Its full of important constituents that make up and contribute to many ingredients used in the skin care industry the world over. We do support the responsible and ethical farming of palm and also contribute a percentage of every order to BOS Australia (Borneo orangutan survival Australia)
  1. Can women use your products too?
    Absolutely. We don't want anybody to miss out. Whilst our loyalty will always be to the modern men of Australia, we would be honoured if the women in your life want to share in the Manmade vision.
  1. Where are you products made?
    All of our products are made right here in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Employing Australians and giving back to the community.