At Manmade,
we believe the beauty's in the science

 Man has been unearthing natural skin care remedies for thousands of years,​​
dating back to the ancient Egyptions.
However it's only been in the last 20 years that man has really made some astonishing breakthroughs'
in the skin science arena, learning how to produce and integrate peptides into skin penetrating serums.
Peptides are minute particals of proteins that are able to communicate with the skin cells,
enhancing their functionality. 
In recent years cosmetic scientists have discovered more amazing peptides and have further
manipulated their dexterity in targeting key areas of the skin 's own natural processes.
Collagen production is one of them, a highly researched and esteemed area of expertise,
a quality standard that sets apart ordinary skin care products, from the exceptional ones.
Increased collagen smooths out fine lines and improves the overall appearance of the skin,
reducing the signs of aging and fatigue.
When these highly advanced peptides are combined with the best extracts nature has to offer,
regarded by experts in the industry to be most nourishing and protective,
an intelligent, sophisticated, yet simplistic skin care range is brought to life,
allowing for todays modern man to put his best foot forward.

Man knows best...

​When it comes to a mans' skin, nobody knows it better
than man himself.
From the generations of skin science experts before us,
to the highly experienced cosmetic scientists of today,
there has never been a better time for men,
who want to look after themselves, than right now.
Manmade Skin Science respects the past and salutes the future
with a select range of products,
designed by man, for men.
Quality Australian ingredients are selected specifically to compliment mens skin, that won't cause blockages or leave skin oily and shiny.
Our products' are formulated from science based knowledge
to determine what is needed and what is not.
Todays modern men demand products that work and play
just as hard as they do, so you won't find any nasty chemicals
or fillers in our products. You will also be pleased not to find some of the exuberant price tags often seen in other brands.
​With Manmade Skin Science, you're in safe hands.

The Australian man

Australia is home to some of the harshest natural environments
in the world.
Today more than ever, it's vital that men take the necessary precautions to prevent environmental damage and to maintain naturally healthy looking skin year round. Whether its protecting against deadly UVA and UVB rays,
city polution or the dehydrating effects of air conditoning, our skin cops a battering on a daily basis. Add to the mix, social activities,
fast paced living and a lack of time, you end up with a real threat of damage to your largest organ ( your skin! ).
Fortunately, Australia is also host to some of the best natural ingredients on the planet, like the kakadu plum for example, found in the great Australian outback. Kakadu plum boasts the highest source of vitamin C of any natural product in the world. Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients you can apply to your skin to combat the signs of sun damage and polution and is found in many of our products.
Made and packaged here in Australia,
for todays hard working, neoteric Aussie man.

The ethical hunter and gatherer

Commercialism in todays modern world can sometimes leave a bad taste with people, feeling dissappointed and frustrated with the practices and decisions of some well known companies. 
The modern man of today see's through the smoke and mirrors and does not stand for irresponsible business practices, that not only take advantage of honest consumers, but also disadvantage
the world around us.
We believe quality products don't need to come at the cost of the delicate eco-system around us.
- Manmade Skin Science sources its' ingredients responsibly from ethically minded farmers and, constantly monitors its suppliers to ensure this ethos is always maintained.
- Our Products will never contain dangerous plastic beads that make their way into the oceans and can be lethal to marine life. 
Our Skin Refiner triple action exfoliating cream uses ethically sourced bamboo which decomposes naturally..
- Manmade never tests on animals, in fact all of our products go through rigorous testing by its' own staff and families long before they hit the shelfs. This ensures only the safest and most ethically sourced products make it to the final line up. 
- Manmade takes this stance very seriously and donates a percentage of all profits to BOS Australia, who do amazing work to help the critically endangered orangutan.
If you would like to donate to BOS Australia click here
and if you would like to know our stance on palm oil please see our palm oil suppliers page, or click here .